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Meet Tina. She’s friendly, driven and just got her first job! Tina began taking classes at OWL to enhance her soft skills through our LEAP program. After completing her classes with flying colors, Tina began to work with our employment coordinator, Sam, on becoming job ready. During her career exploration phase, she held a volunteer position with the Lexington Public Library where she assisted with weekly story time activities for children 6months-2 years old. This is when she realized she enjoyed working with children and soon she accepted a job offer from Growing Together Preschool! Tina is now a Teacher’s Assistant! She works in the baby room where her primary responsibilities include engaging the children in play, learning activities, reading books, singing and maintaining the general wellness of the children. She says her favorite responsibility is getting to rock the babies. It is Tina’s goal to one day become a doctor and she feels that this is a stepping stone for her to begin learning the care skills that she will need later as she grows professionally. We can’t wait to see all the great things she will accomplish! Great job, Tina! We’re so proud of you!

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