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Meet Steve. In 1986, Steve was looking for a change. He decided to enroll in vocational school and completed a two-year program in business, but needed help finding a job. In 1988, Stephen went through OWL’s job placement program but little did he know this would lead to a long career with the company.His first position with OWL was in “adjustment” for the rehabilitation department, which involved helping other OWL consumers become job-ready. Stephen then became a truck driver for OWL and stayed in this position for about five years. He then moved into maintenance and, eventually, was promoted to maintenance supervisor for OWL, a position he still holds today.While Stephen is appreciative of the opportunity OWL has afforded him for almost 25 years, he is proud that his employer can give this same type of opportunity to others.“Some people get into trouble or make a mistake in life and it does help them get back on their feet again for another chance at life,” said Stephen. “Even if they get sick and have to find another job, they’ve got job placement. You never know when people might need a little help.”

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