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One requirement of receiving SNAP benefits as an able-bodied adult without dependents is that individuals must participate in a work program. OWL's vocational & employment programs are approved to satisfy this requirement. Meaning, individuals that receive SNAP benefits may  be able participate in many of OWL's programs at no cost to them! 
Do I qualify to receive these services? 
To receive OWL services through SNAP, you must receive SNAP benefits and be a Fayette County resident. To see if you qualify to receive SNAP benefits or apply for SNAP benefits, visit the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services or call their offices at 1-800-372-2973.
I receive SNAP benefits. What services can I receive for free at OWL?
Job Readiness Training, Life Skills Coaching, Skills Certifications, Job Placement and more. 
The Perks
If you qualify, there is no cost to you- but there are some other perks to know about as well! You receive a $100 bonus check after 90 days of successful employment, the counseling is one-on-one and based on YOUR goals, if transportation is an issue, we can help you find other options and select OWL job skills training programs PAY YOU HOURLY to participate. 
These services satisfy the work program requirement for those who must participate
in a work program because they are able-bodied adults without dependents.
Funding for this program is provided by The Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider. 
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