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As part of our OWL Center division, SEEC administers vocational evaluations and  assessments- resulting in better job retention and higher job satisfaction among both employees and employers alike.


These evaluations help identify interest areas, career options, learning difficulties, and areas where individuals may need added support in the work place.



SEEC evaluations assess...

Working Memory

Processing Speed

Auditory Processing

Visual Processing


Fluid Reasoning

Career Interests

Career Aptitudes

Learning and Expressive Styles

Fine Motor Skills 

Decision Making Preferences

In-Depth History 

Short/Long-Term Goals


Less comprehensive than an evaluation, our vocational assessments serve as a basic indicator of an individual's level of functioning in relation to vocational readiness and employment decision making.


how can I receive services?

SEEC provides services to adolescents and adults with physical, learning and emotional disabilities as well as individuals with barriers to employment who are referred to us through a referral source. We also accept private pay or third-party payers for individuals who cannot receive a referral. 


We are located at OWL. Visit our Contact page for directions and bus routes. 

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