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We enhance the development of a positive behavior
support plan based on the analysis of data collected during a functional assessment of behavior. 


We help the participant to identify, acquire, and 

succeed in an integrated job in their community. 

Our supported employment professionals work with 

participants from discovery to mock interviews to 

learning on-the-job skills.  

We provide participants with one-on-one support of everyday needs, enabling them to live 

independently. This service includes assistance with daily living skills such as budgeting, making 

appointments, cooking, and more. 


We foster engagement and facilitate the development 

of natural supports through friendships and common 

interests. Community Access Specialists assist 

individuals in gaining valued social roles through 

involvement in teams, groups, and organizations.



We provide self-help, daily living supports, supervision and positive experiences to program participants in their own home. This service not only benefits the individual receiving them but can be a difference-maker for caregivers, allowing them access to a support system and time to care for themselves as needed.

supports for community
living waiver (SCL)

scl supported services

ACES is an approved service provider for SCL able to offer a variety of quality supports to individuals who qualify for waiver funding.

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what is scl?

To see who is eligible, how to apply, what services are covered and more, visit the  KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services 

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