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Meet Sally. She came to OWL in 1967 after being discharged from Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital because her age made her ineligible to continue services. Sally has maintained her job with OWL for over 40 years and shows no sign of slowing down. “Cardinal Hill taught me that I needed to be independent – I think they taught me too well,” quipped Sally. Unwilling to let her disability keep her from living a normal life, in 1980, Sally got her drivers license and, in 1992, she bought her first home where she has lived by herself for periods of time. She has held various jobs throughout her time with OWL, but among her favorite was being a job coach for new employees.


“If they don’t make it here, they won’t make it outside of OWL”


explained Sally, “I enjoyed seeing people go out and find their jobs.” Sally is a celebrated fixture at OWL, and many of those who have come through the program credit her for being their inspiration to continue on. “When I look at Sally, no one should have an excuse … Nobody should say, ‘I can’t do it,” said Sherrian Peyton, who went through the OWL program herself and has worked in OWL’s finance department for some 22 years. “When you look at her, you’re looking at dedication.” Why Sally has been so dedicated to her job at OWL is quite simple. “I like having control over my life,” she said. 

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