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referral sources

The organizations below then determine if those individuals are eligible and if so, connect them with services (OWL). Click to learn more about these organizations and see who is eligible.

Lastly, individuals that are found eligible and are referred to OWL begin receiving services based on their goals! 

Treatment Programs Clinics/Care Centers

School Systems

Individuals & Families

Legal/Correctional Entities

Housing Programs

& More

Individuals who wish to participate in an OWL Center program at no cost to them must first complete the following process: 

An entity, such as those listed below, apply for assistance for an individual with barriers to employment.

Remember Your Rights

As the consumer, its your right to choose! If you would like to receive services from any specific provider or you are unhappy with the service provider you have been assigned, let your counselor or case manager know you'd like to exercise your right to choose.

What if I can't get a referral? 

We also accept third-party payers, individuals who pay out of pocket, and occasionally have scholarships available. Contact us for more details.  

I'd like to make a referral, whats next?

If an individual is interested in our services, their Counselor/Case Manager can..

  • Fax referral forms to 859.254.0578

  • Email referral forms to

  • Call our offices at 859.254.0576 to schedule an appointment 

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