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Social skills:

  • Developing a plan to prevent or cope with a crisis

  • Maintaining proper eye contact 

  • Suitable work place conversation

  • Getting involved in the community

  • Understanding the importance of community involvement

  • Coping with a disability on the job

  • Learning how to deal with the interpersonal impact of disability

  • Focusing on your strengths to minimize your limitations


Employment skills:

  • Interview skill development and improvement

  • Appropriate grooming and hygiene

  • Appropriate ways to address a supervisor

  • Cooperating with others

  • Requesting accommodations or time off

  • Addressing problems on the job

  • Properly resigning from a job

This program focuses on teaching the soft skills that are fundamental in obtaining and maintaining employment. It is geared toward individuals who may have work experience, but have had difficulty maintaining employment due to their lack of effective life management skills. This is a 12-week program and is typically provided in a group setting to maximize the positive impact of peer support and mentoring. 


lIFE education &


lIFE skils coaching curriculum

This course is most benficial to Individuals transitioning from school to work or those who need individualized services rather than traditional work adjustment, such as those with the following diagnoses:


Mental Illness

Severe Physical Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Traumatic Brain Injury



who is eligible?

With a large classroom and a computer lab on-site, students are fully equipped with the resources and technology they need to excel.

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