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Meet Jim. He spent 30 years as a butcher, a respectable career by any measure. But, when Jim found himself unemployed late in his career, his lack of experience in anything but meat cutting left him with low self-confidence and sinking into a state of depression. In 2002, Jim sought help from the Office for Vocational Rehabilitation and was referred to OWL for help in getting the training and tools necessary to find new employment. One week later, Jim was working for OWL, recycling printer cartridges for long-time customer Lexmark. 


"The counselors can’t do enough for you,”


said Jim, "They will help you in any way possible.” Before he knew it, Jim was offered a full-time position in housekeeping and became supervisor of that unit. He believes that if he had not sought help from OWL, his life would have taken a much different turn."In the long run, everything worked out perfectly,” said Jim. "It’s been my life. It is my life, there’s no doubt about it. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have anything.” Over the years, Jim witnessed many come through the program and leave with new and successful jobs. "I’ve seen it help a lot of people who wouldn’t find any kind of employment if it wasn’t for programs like this,” Jim said. "It’s up to the individual, but if you want it for yourself, they give you the opportunity.” 

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