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Meet Heather. She is truly one of the most energetic and enthusiastic individuals to come through OWL! Heather was referred to OWL in August 2014, and her enthusiasm and "go get it” attitude was immediately recognized. Her positive outlook on life made her a joy to work with. Heather was referred to OWL to help her in overcoming several health issues to accomplish her goals for employment. During her services, Heather was assisted in gathering her work history to complete a master application and updating her resume and cover letter. She also learned networking, job search and interview skills to assist her in achieving her employment goals.Heather began the job search process with great enthusiasm and pursued every job lead offered her when she was invited to interview for a position at Xerox. Heather completed the required pre-employment testing with determination, and was offered her current position in September 2014.Heather represents herself as a true professional, and it has paid off with her employer. She has been cross trained in several different departments at Xerox, as she has demonstrated her skills and abilities to succeed in multiple positions. Heather states she is looking forward to new challenges in the years to come, and hopes to grow with her company as she earns new opportunities each day!Heather’s energetic and positive attitude is contagious and we are excited to see where it takes her in the future.

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