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Meet Greg. In late 2014, Greg left his job due to unreasonable working conditions. On the hunt for a new job and nearly 60 years old, he found that there are extremely limited options for job seekers his age with a severely disabled knee. Despite his attempts at attaining employment, no one would give him a chance and as a result, he became homeless, often staying at the local shelter or in a tent. Greg, who had worked all his life and had experience managing a 10 million dollar department, was panhandling to get by. He could not qualify for unemployment and, because he had worked within the year, couldn’t qualify for social security or disability benefits either. Without a verifiable address, he was unable to receive food stamps or even donate plasma. He had fallen through the cracks.


But Greg was determined and he had remembered hearing about OWL nine years earlier. He went to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and asked them to refer him to OWL. He started working at our manufacturing division, LMC, shortly after. Greg’s supervisors quickly took notice of his work ethic and moved him from working three days a week to working full time as a permanent employee within his first month. Not only were we happy with Greg's work, but LMC's customers were too. The project he is pictured working on above is for the product Pocket Tape Tool. Ken, their company representative, had this to say, "I appreciate all the good work OWL has been doing for me. I wouldn't have been able to get my product ready for market without their help."


Greg is now a valuable and trusted member of the LMC team. He is trained to do over 10 jobs at our facility and is a go-to employee to lead many of the projects in his area. He has also recently moved in to his own apartment, ending 16 months of homelessness. When asked about his amazing story, Greg will tell you, 


“OWL was my last shot at getting a job. I love it here. People are kind and treat me with respect. My life has completely changed.”



Thanks for letting us tell your inspiring story Greg, and thank you for all the hard work you do at LMC!

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