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forklift certification program 

This training program stresses excellence in safe operation. We provide individuals with hands-on skills training needed to become more marketable job seekers. This certification allows them to compete in the job market and gives them additional opportunities to join or re-enter society as a desired, valued, and working member.

This program combines classroom instruction with hands-on training in a 15 week course. As an added benefit, program participants are paid an hourly wage while working in the manufacturing facility during the program. Each trainee is also assigned an Employment Coordinator to develop job search and job maintenance skills ensuring job readiness upon completion of the certification program. Participants will also be required to complete a practicum and evaluation to earn their final certification. 

Individuals referred to OWL by one of our referral sources, or a similar agency, are eligible for this program. Individuals may let their case manager or counselor know if they are interested. Private pay is also accepted for individuals who wish to enter without referral from a participating agency.


Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have two current forms of identification, and must pass a drug screening.

how do I enroll?

the curriculum

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