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Follow up survey

According to our records, we provided employment services to you within the last three years.

We are committed to increasing the effectiveness of our employment services to better serve you, our customer.

The purpose of this letter is to determine if you still benefit from our services or if you need additional services, or if you believe our services could be improved. Please take the time to answer the following questions to help us better serve you.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

What's next?

After you have completed and submitted the questionnaire above, contact us to confirm if you qualify, learn more about what services are available to you and begin receiving them.

What If it appears I don't qualify, but I know I need these services? 

The questionnaire is here to help get an idea of what services and programs may apply to you, it is NOT a final measure of whether or not you will be eligible to receive services. If it appears you do not qualify for services based on your questionnaire responses, but you feel that you need them, contact us. We will work with you to help identify other avenues for you to receive services, if possible. ​​​

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