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frequently asked questions

Q: How does someone receive OWL's services? 

A: Please check out our list of referral sources to see some of the ways program participants come to OWL.


Q: What kind of "barriers" is OWL's mission talking about? What kind of barriers do the people they serve have?

A: We serve people with diverse barriers, ranging from minor to severe. This includes those with mental/physical disabilities, those that were previously incarcerated,  those that have trouble maintaining employment due to lack of skills and displaced workers, among others. 


Q: Do participants earn income from OWL while going through the program?

A: Not all individuals receiving OWL's services earn income. However, those who choose to participate in a work adjustment program do, such as those participating in Fork Lift Certification. Please call our offices at 859.254.0576 or contact us at for specific program inquiries.


Q: Does OWL deduct fees from the wages of participants they place in jobs like some job placement agencies?

A: No. OWL does not have any control over the wages earned by our participants outside of OWL, regardless of our role in placing them. 



A: All of our programs are conveniently located on one campus. Our primary building is located at 650 Kennedy Road Lexington, KY 40511 where you will find our lobbies staffed with people ready to assist you in finding the person or division of OWL you're looking for. 


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