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customer service representative certification program

Blending nationally recognized training software and one-on-one instruction, this program enables job seekers to earn a certification in skills transferable to nearly any industry.

Imagine what becoming certified in a company’s #1 priority could do for your career! 

This program is more than just a line on a resume- It’s education, experience, and opportunity.

This program is able to accept participants referred to the "OWL Center Director" by one of our referral sources


Private pay is accepted and scholarships may be available to reduce cost for individuals who wish to enter without referral from an agency.


To qualify for admission, an applicant must be 18 years of age or older, be able to show 2 forms of identification, have no convictions for violent or sexual offences, and must be drug free, as screenings may apply.


how do i enroll?

The program contains self-paced training from 6-12 weeks and one-on-one instruction resulting in a national certification!


  • Why Customer Service Matters

  • What Customers Want

  • Essential Customer Service Skills, Pt. I

  • Essential Customer Service Skills, Pt. II

  • Handling Complains and Dealing with Angry People

  • Customer Service as a Strategic Marketing Tool

       & Customer Service Teams


  • Sales Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Phone Skills

the curriculum

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