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Meet Ben. When he was referred to OWL in May of 2010, his battle with depression left his confidence at an all-time low. While Ben had years of education and work experience under his belt – including his own remodeling business – he felt “stuck in a pit"...Ben’s first job at OWL was in LMC’s production department and he admits that he struggled with the expectations for this job.“At first I just couldn’t believe in the system as far as the amount of products you had to get done for a certain amount of pay,” explained Ben.But as Ben became more and more accustomed to the job, his enthusiasm increased and he began not just meeting his goals, but adding value to LMC’s production process.“I was building crates and I had a lot of ‘oomph’ when building those crates,” he said. “I created a system of how to get the crates built a little quicker.”It was this ingenuity and drive to add value that led Ben to his next job with OWL as a quality technician. He now has his own office and is responsible for inspecting all of the products prior to the customer delivery to ensure LMC’s customers get the highest quality parts and products possible.“It’s the best job I’ve ever had … It’s less frustrating and you get a sense of accomplishment. It just makes me happy.”

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