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Meet Ashley. In 2010, Ashley had just completed a 2 year program at a recovery center and was ready to begin working. Even though she knew she was capable of doing the jobs she was applying for, she was having difficulty becoming employed due to a gap in work history, a criminal record, economic obstacles and stigma as it related to her recovery. But this didn’t stop Ashley- through the same hard work and determination that allowed her to overcome substance abuse- she persevered.  Ashley had heard about OWL from friends at the recovery center, so she contacted the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and told them, “send me to OWL”. 


After being referred to OWL for services, Ashley was immediately put to work at OWL’s manufacturing company, LMC, to gain work experience and further develop her skills.  She had only been working on the production floor at LMC for a few months when her OWL counselor and LMC management offered her the position of Administrative Assistant. Ashley became the point of contact for LMC and managed many of the logistical aspects of the manufacturing center. She truly worked her way up and proved herself to be a great asset to the team. Now, Ashley will tell you that the experience, training, and opportunities she received at LMC created the foundation she needed to grow her career, obtain a job at UPS, and successfully support herself and her daughter as a single mother.

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